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MBi Search Results
The GUID 662c43c9f4a42190195e42286f51d4a0 is not on the
Master Ban Index (MBi)
If you are receiving a Global Ban message, this is an Even Balance issue and is out of our control. Please visit Even Balance for more information.
UMBi Search Results
The GUID 662c43c9f4a42190195e42286f51d4a0 is on the
Unofficial Master Ban Index (UMBi)
Ban Details
Link Search Link
Date Added February 6, 2019 11:20 am
Game Battlefield 3
GUID 662c43c9f4a42190195e42286f51d4a0
User IP 37.192.*.*
Alias Graf_Tpaxyla
Violation VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 81665
Violation Info Violation (GAMEHACK) #81665
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Appeal Information
Please submit a support ticket to Even Balance here for this ban since it has a violation number greater or equal to #50000. Please refer to the box below for information to include.

Once submited please wait until Even Balance responds then appeal your ban at PBBans as we require the URL to the ticket from Even Balance stating your ban should be lifted.

Appeals will be deleted or denied if the ticket shows that the ban is valid or with no Even Balance responses.
Please include the following information (Blue Text) when submitting a support ticket to Even Balance for this ban:

Violation information from
Ban Date: Feb 06, 2019 at 11:20:43 am EST
PBBans Ban Link:
GUID: 662c43c9f4a42190195e42286f51d4a0
Game: Battlefield 3
Violation: VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 81665

Failure to include the above (blue text) with your support ticket will result in your appeal being deleted at PBBans.
Other Search Results
PunkBuster Global Ban
The entered GUID is not globally banned by Even Balance.

PBBans caches global ban data therefore this check may not reflect the correct global ban status. Protection Status