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Server Overview
Server is streaming to PBBans
G Warrior's Jet's only F35 vs F35 Unlock UCAV
Game Battlefield 4
Server IP
Location London, United Kingdom
Server Owner Geo G Warrior's (16108)
Links MSi | RSS | XML
Hub Data
Streaming Type PBBans Lite Streaming
Data Last Received 1 min ago
PB Version Server 1.905 | Client 2.351 | Client A 1390
PB Index BF4
IP Restriction Disabled
Active League None
Ban Options
Enforce MBi Bans
Message Options
Announce New Bans
Misc Options
Enable MD5 AutoUpdates
Hub Live (Players)
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Server signatures update every 30 minutes
Forum Code #1
Forum Code #2
Other Information
If your server is showing as not streaming and you know it is setup to stream, send the following command to the server: pb_sv_ver

This happens when the pb task pb_sv_task 0 7200 pb_sv_ver isn't setup correctly and the server is empty for more then 3 hours.

If this server is listed as deactivated and highlighted orange, you must enable it again in the account manager under View Servers and press the Activate link.
A deactivated server will not show as streaming unless it's active. Protection Status