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PBBans CVAR and MD5 Scans Guide

Information Center
PBBans CVAR and MD5 Scans Guide
PBBans CVAR & MD5 Scans Guide Revision 1.01
A PDF version of this guide can be found at here

This document will guide you through setting up cvar & Md5 scans provided by PBBans to create as clean a gaming environment as possible.

PunkBuster anti cheat software is one of the best on the market, and with the additional help that PBBans provides via cvar & MD5 scans, that are available to all our streaming game admins, will ensure that your server(s) are as well protected against cheaters as is humanly possible.

Access to the Master Config Index (MCi) is restricted to Streaming Game Admins and above. Users MUST be actively streaming to PBBans to gain MCi access.

Table of Contents

CVAR & MD5 Setup
The process for setting up CVAR & MD5 scans on your server has been simplified a great deal since the early days of PBBans, and you will find it very easy to add these checks to your server(s) by following these steps, one by one.

Before continuing please note that PBBans uses a pb_sv_md5toolfreq setting of 50 in our MD5 Checks. This is used to reduce player lag but more importantly to reduce the chances of players being kicked for Ignoring MD5 Tool Queries.

Step 1.
Go to
You will see on the right hand side of your game genre the following options;
( Overview | View CVAR | View MD5 )

Step 2.
Select "Overview" and you will be presented with 3 options;

CVAR & MD5 – View Both – Download Both
CVAR – View CVARs – Download cvars
MD5 – View MD5s – Download MD5s

It’s at this stage that you have a decision to make.
If you elect to not use CVAR scans you need only download the MD5 scans. I would strongly recommend selecting "Download Both" as this option provides the best protection against cheaters.
I will now carry on with the presumption that you want the best protection possible, and have selected the "Download Both" option.

Step 3.
Click the "Download Both" tab. This will merge and save the current CVAR/MD5 scans into one file (pbsvuser.cfg)

Step 4.
Upload the saved pbsvuser.cfg to your root PB directory. (the same directory that contains your pbsv.cfg)

Step 5.
Restart PB via rcon with the pb_sv_restart command or restart your server.

PB automatically executes the pbsvuser.cfg when loading, so if you followed the guide, your server is now configured to check for cheat related CVARs and cheat related files.

If you have any problems following this guide please make a post in one of the private sections of the PBBans forums or chat to one of our staff in the PBBans irc channel.

Channel - #pbbans
Network – Quakenet
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