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Master Ban Index - Latest Bans

Master Ban Index
Ban Stats for Battlefield 3
Latest 50 of 61,643 Ban(s)
There have been 130 ban(s) in the past 24 hours. There have been 2,449 ban(s) in the past 30 days.
372266EBGAME HACK #81570149e917diKamaraiosi37.6.*.90
=NRU=1 min ago
372264EBGAME HACK #81570de9e7d8eolegvs188.244.*.225
=rTr=29 mins ago
372263EBGAME HACK #81570b0a6db33willii15.228.*.95
[JAH]50 mins ago
372262EBGAME HACK #81570a709fa5aKeyBolado179.252.*.162
=ADK=Today, 10:33 pm
372261EBGAME HACK #81570ded5af44anishk12349.207.*.12
[JAH]Today, 10:32 pm
372259EBGAME HACK #8157042a2ff49beeedub24.154.*.233
-|TBG|-Today, 10:15 pm
372255EBGAME HACK #8157018c6626ctumza489114.109.*.176
v|.Today, 10:08 pm
372254EBGAME HACK #815703516284aIcyyDingo69.207.*.251
-=XGG=-Today, 10:07 pm
372252EBGAME HACK #81570354c62edCHROMEdge24.159.*.184
[Lg.C]Today, 10:03 pm
372250EBGAME HACK #815706a05dd83fIiqshot97.89.*.129
=(eGO)=Today, 9:55 pm
372248EBGAME HACK #81570b203f023UruzZero98.224.*.65
CMWToday, 9:27 pm
372246EBGAME HACK #815707f999276ChaiiroTheGod77.146.*.22
*WBKS*Today, 8:54 pm
372245EBGAME HACK #815700e9adfb0Al1101ex185.23.*.155
=CCG=Today, 8:46 pm
372244EBAIMBOT #51036a3d8e33dpedr056177.65.*.244
=G4L=Today, 8:40 pm
372242EBGAME HACK #815704ccb77a6CaptainWubbzy70.178.*.240
{UN}Today, 8:14 pm
372241EBGAME HACK #815724ffaf630SMERCH40044188.190.*.4
=NRU=Today, 8:11 pm
372240EBGAME HACK #81570653e57b1Kruku78217.153.*.227
=NRU=Today, 7:36 pm
372239EBGAME HACK #81570af9422f5BoxcarAlex176.124.*.53
-=11=-Today, 7:21 pm
372238EBAIMBOT #508570ed1ed4aRyuuk09131.161.*.72
[RUF]Today, 7:19 pm
372236EBGAME HACK #81572d1551041i_am_unit_0775.133.*.172
=rTr=Today, 6:59 pm
372234EBGAME HACK #815705f9a4f89rename0983281.190.*.151
=]RC[=Today, 6:48 pm
372233EBGAME HACK #8157009cd54bbBabuinooooo177.38.*.234
DDDToday, 6:48 pm
372231EBGAME HACK #81570cc02e3d2ElikEvil46.117.*.51
v|.Today, 6:11 pm
372230PBSSPBSS (ESP HACK)efcde93eamdblaze189.114.*.160
C2CToday, 6:06 pm
372229EBGAME HACK #8157083c29610ForExampleJohn_12.0.*.161
=NRU=Today, 6:06 pm
372228PBSSPBSS (MULTIHACK)79a44364QualitySexyBoy176.43.*.167
v|.Today, 6:06 pm
372227PBSSPBSS (ESP HACK)a27da0abxNocturnus87.218.*.7
=CCG=Today, 6:06 pm
372226PBSSPBSS (ESP HACK)dfff1ba5DekaHaze72.239.*.57
[RUF]Today, 6:05 pm
372225EBGAME HACK #81570090816fcg40s86.4.*.103
-=11=-Today, 6:02 pm
372224EBGAME HACK #81570f4cc9e5exXStriker5217.81.*.103
=]RC[=Today, 5:57 pm
372223EBGAME HACK #815708192779cbersekr-sgangr186.18.*.244
=G4L=Today, 5:55 pm
372221EBGAME HACK #81570b5b6a5eathatballaa68.117.*.55
[ER]Today, 5:44 pm
372220EBGAME HACK #81570705e59decomosejuegaesto187.160.*.229
v|.Today, 5:40 pm
372218MD5MD5TOOL #9002bb0affb3lshuev176.195.*.200
[ER]Today, 5:34 pm
372217EBGAME HACK #815706c1da313nQQbixLegit88.127.*.165
SZAToday, 5:33 pm
372216EBGAME HACK #81570cf033cfcYura_RAKUS94.241.*.152
XLToday, 5:33 pm
372215EBGAME HACK #815722429a3e9brandontr8672.222.*.101
{ToC}Today, 5:29 pm
372210EBGAME HACK #8157080b6976bApskio94.210.*.212
=CCG=Today, 4:50 pm
372209EBGAME HACK #81570dd4e29c8YEETBravo24.168.*.15
=(eGO)=Today, 4:45 pm
372208EBGAME HACK #8157010a03040SIMIA_MAURIS184.64.*.101
{UN}Today, 4:43 pm
372206EBGAME HACK #81570df203b973433564213.219.*.17
TimelessToday, 4:37 pm
372205EBGAME HACK #81570d3156d1aleogamer126201.50.*.123
=G4L=Today, 4:36 pm
372204MD5MD5TOOL #9002fac439b8B2K_TN41.227.*.143
=(eGO)=Today, 4:32 pm
372203EBGAME HACK #815700b8fe2c5SentryGunSensors184.56.*.173
{UN}Today, 4:27 pm
372200EBGAME HACK #81570b8b03071jamestjs189.69.*.148
{ToC}Today, 4:24 pm
372199EBGAME HACK #8157066cbffc7Crbritcliff71.191.*.98
=CCG=Today, 4:11 pm
372198EBGAME HACK #81570dd4198e4MaxDmg9184.238.*.157
=]RC[=Today, 4:11 pm
372197EBGAME HACK #8157288428a72uraganonano95.245.*.153
VLToday, 4:05 pm
372196EBGAME HACK #81570b7ea7befairosoft46.53.*.117
[FR-S]Today, 4:03 pm
372195EBGAME HACK #81570f48dd320heathcoolk177.86.*.222
=ADK=Today, 4:01 pm
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